My EDC June 2014 Pocket Knife


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I recently began EDC’ing my Myerchin rigging knife while at work. I added a short lanyard to the lock release with a small stainless steel shackle.

It has been a while since I sharpened her up so it took me about 5 minutes on my water-stones to sharpen the edge and strop to an excellent edge.

It slices rope and boxes now like a hot knife through butter. I mostly bought this knife after reading about it several years back on I was in the market for a rigging knife with a solid locking mechanism. It has held true for almost six years now. The
marlinspike is not as useful as a swedish fid for splicing rope however it works great for marlinspike hitches when using tarred seine line for whipping the ends of a rope.

Another main point is the price with an M.S.R.P over $90.00 it may be out of financial reach for beginner knot and rope enthusiasts. However, it’s an excellent tool to add to an existing kit if you plan on delving deeper down rabbit hole of fancy knot work. For further reading on this time honored topic I recommend: The Ashley Book of Knots, Paracord Fusion Ties Vol. 1, and Knots the Complete Visual Guide